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Drob de miel

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Drob de miel (lamb haggis) is a Romanian dish made of minced organs of lamb (heart, liver, lungs) wrapped and roasted in a caul (peritoneum) or dough. Also this dish contains greens and different spices. In the middle of the dish there are boiled eggs. When the dish is cooked and sliced the boiled eggs that are inside give it a special look.

Drob de miel is a dish cooked for Easter. There is a meaning behind this dish. The story says that Romanians use sacrificed lamb, which symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is why the Romanians use lamb and not sheep.

The Scottish have a similar dish, which is considered their national dish, and is called Haggis. The Scottish Haggis is also made out of lamb minced organs, but they use the stomach and the intestines of the lamb as well. Also they use oatmeal, things that Drob de Miel does not contain. Actually this is what makes the Romanian Haggis or Drob de miel different from the Scottish National food, Haggis.

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