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Duck rice

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Duck Rice (鸭饭 yā fàn) is a very popular dish consumed throughout Singapore. There are two types of this nourishing meal offered by Singaporean hawkers: Roast Duck or Braised Duck.

Roast Duck Rice

The most important stage of the preparation process is cooking duck. The meat should not be too hard or overcooked, but tender and smooth. The duck is prepared the day before; it is spiced with pepper, salt, some cinnamon, onion and garlic, dressed with vinegar and hanged to dry in furnace. It usually takes about an hour for duck to get its perfect taste. Depending on customer’s wish the roast duck rice is served with sweet sour gravy, sour plum sauce and chili.

Braised Duck Rice

The broth used for braised duck rice preparation includes cinnamon and braised duck’s bones, which give a sweet taste to the dish. Then duck is placed into the broth and cooked until it absorbs the full flavor. Yam rice with shrimps is a superb accompaniment for the dish.

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