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Edam cheese

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Edam (Dutch Edammer) is a Dutch cheese traditionally sold in spheres with a pale yellow interior and a coat of red paraffin wax. Edam which has aged for at least 17 weeks is coated with black wax, rather than the usual red or yellow.

A Young Edam cheese sold in stores tastes very soft, is a little sweet and has a very mild flavor, slightly salty or nutty. As the cheese ages, its flavor sharpens, and it becomes firmer. Modern Edam is softer than other cheeses, such as Cheddar, due to its low fat content. Mild Edam goes well with fruit such as peaches, melons, apricots, and cherries. Aged Edam is often eaten with traditional "cheese fruits" like pears and apples.

Like most cheeses, it is commonly eaten on crackers and bread. Pinot gris, dry or semidry Riesling, Champagne Chardonnay and Shiraz/Syrah are some recommended wines to accompany this cheese. In Spain as well as in many Latin American countries, the cheese was considered a delicacy for a long period of time.

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