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Eel noodles (鱔魚意麵)

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Eel noodle 01.jpg

Eel Noodles is a dish considered a delicacy and a traditional snack in Taipei. The dish is fried and stirred with eel (a kind of snake- form fish), scallions, onions, vinegar, and soy sauce then thickened with starch and poured on noodles. Preparation seems to be simple but it often requires a master to make it correctly. The eel’s texture might seem a little tough as it is stirred and fried to almost a crunchy state giving its sweet and chewy note to the mixture. The taste is fine with subtle flavors and it is not over salty from the soy sauce. There’s a good proportion between the vinegar and soy sauce with smells of the eel and scallions. This dish is not very expensive, at A-Hui in Taipei they sell it for about 4$.

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Tainan Eel Noodles,

Eel Noodles,

Fried Eel Noodles with a Simply Irresistible Taste,