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Egli knusperli

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Egliknusperli, literally translated as Crispy Fish Fingers, is a kind of “imported” dish in Switzerland, originating from Great Britain, which developed a whole business with fish sticks, firstly introduced in the international market place in 1955. The Swiss deep-fried fish sticks do not differ from the others of different countries, as they are also made on the basis of fish fillet that is cut into finger-like strips.


The fish fillet is cut into regular pieces, seasoned with pepper and salt, coated in wheat and corn flour, and then dipped in beaten egg and pan fried in a large quantity of hot-boiling oil. When crispy and golden brown in color, they are taken out and left to drain, after which are served with an accompanying sauce (Tartar, mayonnaise, etc.) or simply sprinkled with lemon juice. Another variety of serving is with side dishes like mashed potatoes, vegetable salads, rosti, steamed or boiled beans, etc. The Swiss prefer Egliknusperli with Dijon mustard and one can find this dish in supermarkets, frozen or ready-made, or at restaurants, snack-bars and street stalls.

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