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Eisbein mit Sauerkraut (pork knuckle on sauerkraut)

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Eisbein mit Sauerkraut 04.jpg

Eisbein, literally translated as "ice leg/bone", is the German name for a culinary dish involving a pickled ham hock that is usually boiled.

Eisbein is heavily marbled meat that is covered with a thick layer of fat and which is tender and aromatic; it must be cooked or braised for a long time. Usually, it is sold already cured and sometimes smoked, after which is used in simple, hefty dishes. This can be an alarming experience for the unwary tourist, as it is a huge portion of meat with sour cabbage and the skin of the knuckle is left soft, not crispy, thus calling for it to be peeled off and not eaten, because the dish was merely boiled. In Germany, Eisbein is very commonly served with boiled or mashed potatoes, sauerkraut or mustard, that is most typical for Berlin and its regional areas. This is the dish perfect for winter or rather cold weather as it is very hearty, rich in calories and it is traditionally accompanied by a large mug of fresh, genuine German beer.

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Eisbein with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes,

Eisbein with sauerkraut,