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Emmental Apple Rösti

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Emmental Apple Rösti is a very popular meal, since the ingredients are usually at hand and the preparation is very simple. The recipe comes from the Emmental ("Emmen valley") in Canton Bern, the home of the famous Emmentaler cheese. The ingredients for the dish are: bread, apples, Emmental cheese, butter, sugar and cinnamon. Preparation is as simple as the list of making parts: the bread is cut into small pieces and browned in melted butter in a skillet; the apples are cut into chunks and caramelized with butter and sugar in a pan, adding some water and being simmered until soft. The bread is mixed in the mass being seasoned with sugar, cinnamon and served with grated Emmental cheese on the top for a more saucy consistency. The flavors of the dish beat the taste, although it is a good complement for a cup of tea or coffee.

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