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Ensalada Catalana

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Ensalada Catalana is a light and original salad typical for the Catalan cuisine.

The salad is made with lettuce, tomato, onion, olives and sometimes other vegetables such as peppers, asparagus, etc. The vegetables are covered with thin slices of cold cuts (sausage, stuffed tripe, ham, salami, etc.), seasoned with olive oil, some vinegar or lemon juice, salt and, if desired, pepper. Ensalada Catalana is usually garnished with sliced eggs. In order to create a more sustainable dish, canned tuna or shreds of desalted cod fish may be added. This salad constitutes a delightful accompaniment to a main dish.

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Ensalada catalana,

Ensalada Catalana,

Catalan Salad - Ensalada Catalana,