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Ensalada de Papas a la Crema

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Ensalada de papas a la crema.jpg

Ensalada de Papas a la Crema is a popular Cuban dish made of the freshest ingredients. It is eaten not only in Cuba and Spain, but also in the whole Latin America. It contains potatoes, cream cheese, chives, lettuce, mayonnaise and boiled eggs. Sometimes may contain ham and sour cream. The ingredients perfectly combine one with another creating an exceptional taste. This salad is not only healthy but also nutritious. Ensalada de Papas a la Crema has an appetizing aroma. It can be served as a side dish.

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Ensalada de Papas con Queso Crema ,

Ensalada de papas con queso crema ,

Ensalada de Papa sin Mayonesa ,