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Ensalada de Verduras

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Ensalada de verduras, literally translated as “vegetable salad”, is a complement Guatemalan dish, traditionally going well with meats, fish, pasta, rice or any other high calories food. The choice of vegetables for this salad is much varied, depending on the season when it is made and taste of the person who prepares it. The locals have two basic variants for this Ensalada, the first being the one with marinated vegetables and the second with fresh ones. Traditionally, the recipe states the following ingredients: peas, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant, chili pepper, onion, vinegar, sugar, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, beet roots, etc. Preparation is easy, as the components are diced or sliced, then cooked only if raw, carefully mixed and seasoned with salt, pepper and vinegar when necessary. The resulting dish is very colorful, flavoring and appetizing and is usually served in a salad bowl, wide plate or on a main course plate as accompanying food.

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