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Escudella is a Catalan stew. It is characterized by the use of sausages called botifarra or pieces of meat spiced with peppers. Additionally, beans, potatoes, and cabbage, as as other types of meat, can be used.

This stew has a unique rustic taste and some outstanding flavors that are warming for soul and stomach. All those bones and feet from the stew along with the vegetables play an important role in creating the overall taste of this dish.

In historical times a type called escudella de pagès, which had pasta and rice, was traditionally made on Thursdays and Sundays. Today, it is popular as a substantial winter dish for dinner on Christmas. In this case, there has been a return to the traditional special type of pasta known as galets, which are notable for their considerable size.

Escudella is served in three parts:

  • The escudella proper is a soup with pasta or rice.
  • The carn d'olla is a tray with all the meat used in the stew.
  • The final tray is that of the vegetables used.

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