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Estrella Damm

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Estrella Damm is a Catalan pilsener. It has been brewed in Barcelona since 1876 and is the flagship beer of S.A. Damm, a prominent Barcelona brewery. "Estrella" means "Star" in both Catalan and Spanish.

Estrella Damm is characterized by a pale golden body and a smooth, sparkling texture. This average size bottled beer with a white colored head has a relatively high amount of carbonation, it being also individualized by a combination of grains and citrus flavors, as well as a refreshing taste.

Estrella Damm is available in Norway and in the UK in a 4.6% version. It is also available in Australia where it is imported by the Coles Liquor Group. Coles has an exclusive arrangement with the Damm brewery for Estrella's distribution in Australia. Coles sells it through their 1st Choice, Liquorland and Vintage Cellars stores. Estrella Damm is available in Sweden only in glass bottles at Swedish alcohol monopoly outlets. Estrella Damm is available in New Zealand through Federal Geo Ltd. who has exclusive rights to distribute and market the brand in New Zealand.

During the heyday of baseball in Spain in the 1950s and 1960s, S.A. Damm sponsored a local baseball team, Picadero Damm. In 2007 Estrella Damm was one of the major sponsors of Emirates Team New Zealand, a challenger for the America's Cup who won the Louis Vuitton Cup.

In 2009 Ferran Adrià and his team from his restaurant El Bulli created the Inedit for Estrella Damm.

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