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Etli Bamya

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Bamya is commonly known as okra, lady's fingers or gumbo. It is valued for its edible green seed pods. Originating in Africa, it is also cultivated in warm Mediterranean climate of Turkey. Okra is widely used in a thick stew made with vegetables and meat. It is one of the most popular vegetables among West Asians. Turkish cuisine usually uses young okra pods and they are usually cooked whole. The Turkish style recipe of Okra with Meat (Etli Bamya) includes such ingredients as young okra, lamb meat, butter, onion, green pepper, lemon, vinegar and salt. Vinegar or other acids are usually used to avoid sliminess of okra. Therefore, okra with cut off ends is first marinated for half an hour. Meanwhile, finely chopped onion and meat cut into cubes are sauteed in a pot with melted butter, then salt and water are added, and steamed for twenty minutes. When time is over, sliced tomatoes and okra are put in two layers, covered with small pieces of green peppers, and poured over with lemon juice and water, then steamed on medium heat till meat is ready. Etli Bamya is served immediately and is a perfect main course.

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Бамья с мясом (Etli bamya),