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Fánk is a sweet traditional Hungarian cake. The most commonly used ingredients are: flour, yeast, butter, egg yolk, a little bit of rum, a sniff of salt, milk and oil to deep fry with. After the pastry has risen for approximately 30 minutes the result is an extreme light doughnut-like pastry. Fánk is mostly served with powdered sugar and lekvar.

It is supposed that Fánk pastry is of the same origin as German Berliner, Dutch oliebol, and Polish pączki.

Fánk is actually served on a plate topped with any kind of jam, it being eaten with fork and a knife. The dish is usually consumed during the Carnival season, when it is known as farsangi fánk (Carnival doughnuts).

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Hungarian Plain Doughnuts - Farsangi Fank,