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Fagioli o ceci all'olio

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Canellini fagioli all'olio

Beans and cheakpeas are very popular products in Italy and many local dishes have them as the main ingredients. One of the most delicious is the Fagioli o ceci all'olio (Beans or chickpeas in oil). The main ingredients have to be soaked in water for a night before cooking. They are cooked together with sage leaves, garlic cloves and salt for aproximately two hours. Before serving, the beans or cheakpeas are sprinkled with a big quantity of newly pressed olive oil and seasoned with ground black pepper.

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Fagioli all'Olio (White beans With Sage) Recipe,

Fagioli all'Olio,


Fagioli o ceci all'olio (Beans or chick-peas in oil),