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Faisan a la Brabanconne

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Faisan a la Brabanconne is a typical Belgian dish and it is also known as the Faisan aux chicons. The dish is served as main course and it is made of cooked pheasants in some butter with some salt and pepper. The pheasants can be stuffed with juniper berries at will. At the end of pheasants cooking to the dish is added beer, or gin, or chicken broth, or plain water, some shallots, leaves of chicory, bacon and sometimes sour cream or butter. The pheasants are latter cut and served with the sauce that it was made in. The Faisan a la Brabanconne is garnished with chervil and sometimes with parsley too. The dish can be served with some mashed potatoes or celery root.

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Faisan aux chicons,

Faisan à la brabançonne,

Faisan à la brabançonne,

Faisan à la Brabançonne,