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Falsa Juice

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Falsa Juice

Falsa, a blueberry like fruit, is one of the greatest gifts of God for a hot country like Pakistan. It is a sweet and sour acidic fruit and purple, crimson or cherry red in color when ripe. The falsa flavor is pleasantly astringent but delicious due to very appropriate sugar-acid blend.

The ripe falsa fruit is consumed fresh or processed into cooling and refreshing drinks. It has a short shelf life and is considered suitable only for local marketing. It is considered to be the third favorite summer fruit, after mangoes and peaches. For making juice, “falsa pulp” is blended well with sugar and chilled water. Black salt is added to enhance its flavor.

Falsa juice is good to help sunburn victims and to treat sunstroke. If you have been exposed to sunlight for a long time, falsa juice will help remedy the harmful effects you might suffer from. After travelling and visiting the city in ever blazing heat of sun in hot summer months, do not forget to stop over at a restaurant and order a glass of ever-refreshing falsa juice. Take a sip, you will get the satisfaction of lifetime and you yourself will realise that all that has been said about this divine fruit is true.

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