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Faraona Arrosto

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Faraona arrosto breasts with pasta in truffle sauce

Faraona is the Italian name for the guinea fowl. The Tuscans have a special recipe regarding the bird that is called Faraona arrosto. The dish is made of guinea fowl meat, pancetta, prosciutto or ham, garlic cloves, sprigs of rosemary, sage leaves, olive oil, bourbon or white wine, salt and pepper. The bird is stuffed with the rest of the ingredients, except the alcohol and is covered with several slices of ham. The faraona is cooked in the oven and, when it obtains a golden colour, the wine or the bourbon is added. Before serving, the ham used for wrapping the bird is removed. The dish goes perfectly with a glass of Rosso di Toscana, Brunello or Umbrian red.

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Faraona arrosto,

Faraona arrosto (roast guinea hen),

Faraona Arrosto,