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Fasnachtsküchlein, literally translated as Carnival cookies, and also known in Switzerland as Chnüblätz meaning knee cookies, are traditional biscuits prepared and served during carnival season which usually takes place in February, the most famous town for organizing it being Basil. The ingredients to make these sweets are: white flour, salt, eggs, cream, coconut fat or deep frying oil and confectioner’s sugar.


Salt, flour, eggs and cream are mixed well and kneaded until a soft dough is formed which is after cut into some pieces of same size. The balls of dough are rolled as thin as possible and deep-fried in hot boiling coconut fat or oil. They are served cooled and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar on the top. These cookies are a real delicacy during the noise and fuss of the carnival time.

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Fasnachtsküchlein (Carnival cookies),

Fasnachtsküchlein (Carnival cookies),

Fasnachtsküchlein (Carnival cookies),