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Fassbrause, literally translated as "keg brew", is a non-alcoholic German drink made from natural fruit, spices and malt extract, traditionally stored in a keg. Fassbrause is a specialty of Berlin, where it is sometimes called Sportmolle ("molle" is Berlinisch for "beer").

Fassbrause is about the same color as some beers, and usually tastes like apples. The taste is strongly reminiscent of the Austrian drink, Almdudler, except that Fassbrause is less sweet, and not quite as spicy.

A variant of Fassbrause, the so called "Rote Fassbrause", which is available in some of the new states but not in Berlin itself, appeared in the 1950s. This variant was available in the GDR prior to the German Reunification and tastes like raspberries.

Another non-alcoholic variant is currently produced in the United States under the name Apple Beer.

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