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Fideuà (Valencian: [fiðeˈwa]) or Fideuada (Catalan: [fiðəˈwaðə], from fideu, Catalan/Valencian for "noodle") is a dish typical of the Valencian Community, in Spain. It originated in the 1960s in the city of Gandia when thin noodles like vermicelli were used instead of rice in the popular dish paella. Fideuejat, Rossejat, Fideus rossejats, Fideus in casserole are just some of the names used to describe this dish in various Catalan countries.

There are many variations of fideuà with different ingredients, but it is usually made with white-fleshed fish and crustaceans, thick noodles, garlic, tomatoes and other condiments.

Fideuà has become a popular dish in the Catalan cuisine, being based on fried thin noodles simmered with fish broth and served with allioli. Noodles are usually fried in olive oil till they get a golden or even brown color, afterwards the fish broth is also added. This dish is cooked in an iron pan.

This colorful and aromatic dish represents the perfect choice for a cold day in Barcelona.

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