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Jump to: navigation, search is a Wiki project created to provide a free, reliable and up-to-date guide to the most original and tasty local dishes from different countries around the world. The targeted audience of MyCityCuisine is the ordinary visitor/tourist/traveler, who is curious about the local cuisine in a foreign country. MyCityCuisine is not a recipe website, so the dish articles only need to include enough basic information about a dish for users to make an intelligent decision on whether they want to try it or not.

How To Contribute

At the heart of this project are food lovers from around the world. You can contribute to this project in the following ways:

Provide content:

Keep a watchful eye:

Improve the grammar and spelling:

Which Dishes To Add features authentic and traditional cuisine, representative of local cities around the world.

Dishes to be featured on this site should meet the following criteria:

NOTE: Dishes do not have to be unique to a city. It is alright if the same dish appears in multiple cities.

We make every effort to include the following dishes on this site:

Dishes that should not be included:

Dish Description Guidelines

It is important to emphasize that the dish description is intended for visitors who are interested in tasting local food, not for someone who wants to cook it at home. The description should consist of the following components:

Things that should be avoided in the description include:

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