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Fish and chips

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Fish and chips is a popular take-away food that originated in the United Kingdom in 1858 or 1863. It consists of deep-fried fish (traditionally cod or in Australia, flake, but sometimes haddock or plaice) covered in batter—or sometimes breadcrumbs—accompanied by deep-fried chipped (slab-cut) potatoes.

Popular tradition associates the dish with the United Kingdom and Ireland. The dish remains very popular in the UK and in areas colonised by British people.

In 1860, the first fish and chip shop was opened in London by Jewish proprietor Joseph Malin, who combined "fish fried in the Jewish fashion" with chips.

In the United Kingdom, free salt and vinegar is traditionally sprinkled over fish and chips at the time it is served. Fish and chips are sometimes served with a portion of mushy peas.

In Canada, fish and chips may be served with the traditional salt and vinegar, but a lemon wedge and tartar sauce is often the accompaniment found in table service restaurants. Coleslaw of both the vinegared or creamy variety is often interchangeably served as a side.

Fish-and-chip shops traditionally wrapped their product in an inner layer of white paper (for hygiene) and an outer layer of newspaper or blank newsprint (for insulation and to absorb grease), though nowadays the use of newspaper has largely ceased on grounds of hygiene, and establishments often use food-quality wrapping paper instead— occasionally printed on the outside to emulate newspaper.

The long-standing Roman Catholic tradition of not eating meat on Fridays - especially during Lent - and of substituting fish for other types of meat on that day - continues to influence habits even in predominantly Protestant, semi-secular and secular societies. Friday night remains a traditional occasion for patronizing fish-and-chip shops; and many cafeterias and similar establishments, while varying their menus on other days of the week, habitually offer fish and chips every Friday.

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