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Flan de Leche Condensada

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Flan de leche condensata 01.jpg

Flan de leche condensada, literally translated as “condensed milk flan”, but actually meaning “condensed milk pudding”, is a common dessert in Guatemala that is made from condensed milk, whole milk, eggs, vanilla essence and caramel syrup. Preparation is easy, as the condensed milk is thoroughly whisked with whole milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla; the pudding basin is covered with caramel syrup and the milky mass is poured in, consequently being cooked on a water bath. It is served cold, topped with any sweet syrup, cream, fresh fruits and eaten as a sweet treat either on holidays, or simply as a part of a complete meal. The vanilla aroma in combination with milk and fruit flavors make this Flan a special delicacy and "a real treasure" for most sweets' lovers.

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Flan de leche condensada,

Flan de leche condensada,

Flan de leche condensada,

Leche Flan,