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Formaggio con le pere

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Formaggio con le pere and grapes

The Formaggio con le pere represents a lovely Italian appetizer. It combines only two ingredients: the cheese and the pears, but this combo used to be most popular even between the noble romans of the Middle Age. A proof of this fact is that even Petrarch mentioned it (Addio, l’è sera / Or su vengan le pera / Il casco e ‘l vin di Creti). The present dish is traditionally prepared with firm pears (Decana) and pecorino cheese, but the pecorino may be replaced with asiago, montasio, edam, gorgonzola, provolone, gouda or emmenthal cheeses. The peeled and sliced pears are diced and mixed together with the cubes of cheese. The salad may be seasoned with black pepper. Sometimes, the salad also includes lettuce or rocket (arugula) leaves, sesame seeds, walnuts, vinegar.

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