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The wine that is associated with Rome is Frascati, that is why when you are in Rome drink what the Romans drink. It is called the Golden Wine both for its color and for its value. It has become part of the economic and cultural traditions of this city. History tells that it has a widespread reputation as it was a cheap white wine offered in the cafés of Rome. The quality of this drink was improved by time.

Frascati can be made in either a dry or a sweet style and either frizzante or Spumante style. The most popular are the dry types. Amongst the most popular one can find written on the labels Novello, Superiore, or Novello Superiore. The citrus aspect to this wine is given by Malvasia. The Trebbiano has a more delicate savor of floral notes that add an impressive acidity to the wine. Consequently, there is a diversity in the final styles of the wines with someones being subtle and flowery while others have lots of fruit and acidity. With so many styles it is hard to distinguish the best Frascati. However, the consumer is offered various choices. These wines are just perfect on a hot summer evening. Their generally low alcohol levels, around 11-13% make them great with lighter pasta dishes and vegetables. When looking for a bottle, try to buy the youngest bottle of Frascati you can.

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