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Fresh squid

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Fresh Squid is a very popular dish in Taipei which is easy to find at the local night markets, snack-bars, restaurants. Common ingredients for the appetizer include: fresh squid, garlic, red pepper, bamboo shoot slices, carrots and seasoning. The squid is sliced, wok-fried with garlic, carrots, bamboo, pepper and then boiled with stock soup till the latter becomes thick. The squid itself has no special flavor, but the crispy-chewing structure makes it the most preferable seafood among the locals. The dish tastes sour, sweet and the aroma of basil gives it a special flavor. For a more spicy mixture black vinegar and more chili paste is added; it definitely opens up appetite.

Another variation of squid dish is first marinated then grilled or fried calamari, which is special for its popularity as well as originality of taste and flavor. This dish may be accompanied by two types of sauces, served or sold on a stick or simply being cut into rings and deep fried. It is all about a customer’s wish, taste and interest.

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