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Fricandó is a dish typical of the Catalan cuisine, it representing a veal and mushroom stew.

Veal is not a very common item in the Catalan cuisine which usually tends to use such ingredients as fish, seafood and game.

Fricandó includes such ingredients as veal, onions, tomatoes, carrots, and of course, mushrooms - a symbol of national pride in Catalonia. The picada, which consists of a mix of toasted nuts (almonds or hazelnuts), parsley, garlic and saffron squashed together in a mortar offer the dish a certain aroma and thicken the sauce, thus giving it a smooth texture. Sometimes, when preparing Fricandó cooks may add brandy instead of white wine.

Fricandó may be prepared a day or two in advance and then reheated before being served. This savory dish represents the perfect choice for a cold spring day.

The first remarks about this dish have been mentioned in some cooking books written by priests at the beginning of the XVIII century.

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