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Frittatensuppe (Sliced Pancake Soup)

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Frittatensuppe is a dish made from beef broth and milk base with flour and eggs adding. The pancakes cut into thin stripes (like spaghetti, but may be bigger) are added just before serving on the bottom of the soup bowl. The variations of the recipe include adding cut carrots and onions. Besides the pancake stripes any kind of dumplings or meat balls may also be added. The Frittatensuppe is traditionally garnished with chopped chives and parsley and served hot.

Visibly clear, the soup is just prepared from leftover pancakes from dessert the night before. The soup itself can be any clear, chicken, beef or vegetable broth, but should not be a creamy soup. The broth may be bought or homemade but the aroma of this soup depends on the quality as well as the crepes.

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