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Frittelle di riso

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Frittelle di riso close up

Frittelle di riso are traditional rice fritters, cooked for such occasions as the Tuscany Carnival and San Giuseppe Day (March 19). An advantage of this dish is that it is extremly simple to cook. Another advantage is that, despite its delicious taste, the fritters are low in calories.

The batter for the frittelle is made of flour, short grain rice (arborio or carnaroli), milk, sugar, oil, lemon zest, brandy, sherry or amaretto, eggs and salt. The rice is cooked together with milk, lemon zest and sugar. When it absorbes all the milk, the rest of the ingredients are stirred in the pan. The frittelle are dropped in hot olive oil and fried until they obtain a light golden colour.

The ready dessert is sprinkled with granulated sugar and served hot.

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Frittelle di Riso (Rice Fritters),

Frittelle di riso - rice fritters,

Rice Fritters - Frittelle di Riso,