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Fritto di Lesso alla Milanese

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Fritto di Lesso alla Milanese (Fried Boiled Meat, Milanese Style) is one of the delights of Milano. It usually consists of boiled meat nicely served with plenty of vegetables and a variety of sauces. The traditional Milanese recipe includes beef, eggs, freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano, bread crumbs, unsalted butter, herbs, salt and pepper.


The meat is boiled and then cut into slices which are later dipped into a sauce made from lightly beaten eggs, grated Parmigiano salt and pepper, then covered with bread crumbs and fried in melted, crackling butter. As a variation of this method of preparation is dipping and dredging the meat in flour before being cooked. It is traditionally served either with boiled vegetables or risotto in bianco. A good rose wine will only give more taste to this dish.

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Fried Boiled Meat, Milanese Style - Fritto di Lesso alla Milanese,

Fritto di lesso alla milanese,

Fritto di lesso alla milanese,