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Gaoqiao Muffin (高桥松饼)

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Gaoqiao Muffin is a famous Shanghainese multi-stratified pastry. The main ingredients of this dish are wheat flour, lard, powdered sugar, red beans and sweet-smelling Osmanthus (tea olives). The pastry constitutes one of the four popular snacks from Gaoqiao Town, along with loose cake, crisp fritter and Yiniesu. It is characterized by a delicate crispy texture, that makes it easy to crumble once eating it. It has a thin wrapper and soft, delicious filling within the layers. Gaoqiao Muffin is rich in flavors and sweet-tasting.

It is believed that these small cakes, known during 1900 as "muffins", were first made by Zhao Xiaoqi's wife. Due to their appealing look and mouth-watering taste, these cakes have soon become extremely popular with the customers who immediately increased the demand for them. Huang Jindi, a native from Gaogiao, was the one who improved the ingredients of this snack and sold them in various stores throughout the city.

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