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Garbanzos con bacalao y espinacas

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Espinaca, bacalao, garbanzos.jpg

Garbanzos con bacalao y espinacas is a meal originating from Asturia, but popular all over Spain. It is consumed more often during the catholic fasts. It contains the three most beloved by the Spanish people ingredients - chickpeas, spinach and cod fish. Beside them, the dish includes onions, tomatoes, garlic, bay leafs, and flour. The spinach and chickpeaks are cooked separately from the cod, and are combined only in the end. The final variant of the dish reminds a rich stew. The garbanzos con bacalao y espinacas is served hot, with quarters of boiled eggs.

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Garbanzos con bacalao y espinacas.,

Potaje de garbanzos con bacalao y espinacas,