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Germknödel is a fluffy yeast dough dumpling with a mix of poppy seeds and sugar, filled with spicy plum jam and melted butter on top, often eaten with vanilla cream sauce.

The dish called Germknödel in Austrian German or kynuté knedlíky (Czech) is an Austrian, Southern German and Bohemian sweet bread. It is served both as a dessert or, typically on Fridays in Catholic regions, as a main course. The word Germknödel translates into English as yeast dumpling.

Germknödel is usually a spherical or bun-shaped dessert. The dessert's main ingredient is a yeast dough with sugar and fat, usually butter, added to the dough. The dumpling is filled with Powidl, a sweet and spicy plum jam. The dumpling is steamed and then served still hot with either melted butter or vanilla dessert sauce, and topped with crushed poppy seeds and sugar.

The main difference between Germknödel and a related dish, Dampfnudeln, is that the former is either steamed or boiled whereas the latter is cooked in a deep pan.

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Germknödel and Salvaging Pride,