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Gespritzer (Weißer Spritzer)

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Gespritzer is considered a traditional drink in Austria and especially in Vienna. Also known as Weißer Spritzer, this refreshing drink presents the combination of equal parts white wine and soda water. Traditionally, it is made from Austria's famous and favourite Gruener Veltliner. The Gespritzer is usually served chilled in a tall glass and is most popular during the summertime.

In most of Germany, the word "Schorle" is used to denote a Spritzer.

In Hungary, a popular drink mixed from wine and soda water in varying proportions is called fröccs.

In Romania, also, 1/3 white wine is mixed with 2/3s sparkling water and is called şpriţ de vară - summer spritzer.

In north-eastern regions of Italy, especially Venice and surroundings, a spritz is a very popular light cocktail, a mix of sparkling white wine (e.g., Prosecco), sparkling water, and Aperol, Bitter Campari, or other colored alcohols.

A new form of spritzer has appeared in south west France since 2005, known locally as "Rose Pression" and "Blanc Pression". It is wine based, carbonated and served in draught form on tap from kegs. Its alcoholic strength is thought to vary between 5% and 6% abv.

Non-alcoholic spritzer:

In the United States, some non-alcoholic carbonated juices are sold as spritzers. The same type of carbonated juice (actually made with juice and carbonated mineral water) is known in Germany as Saftschorle or Fruchtschorle.

Particularly Apfelschorle (apple juice spritzer) is one of the most popular soft drinks in Germany.

In Austria Apfelschorle is called Apfelsaft g'spritzt. It can be combined with every juice, e.g. Orangensaft g'spritzt or Pago/Cappy g'spritzt (producers of juices).

Sometimes, non-alcoholic spritzers are made by mixing fruit juices (orange juice, cranberry juice, etc.) with carbonated water. Lemonade and iced tea may also be used.

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