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Giouvetsi is a baked Greek meat dish made with either chicken, lamb or beef. The recipe is not complicated, but requires some preparation and a lot of cooking time. Ingredients used to prepare this dish include meat, pasta (traditionally kritharaki or hilopites, a Greek variety in 1cm-long squares, made without egg), and tomato sauce (usually spiced with cinnamon or bay leaves). Other common ingredients include onions/shallots, garlic, beef stock, and red wine, as well as some cheese to serve. The preparation is rather simple, it calling for the meat to be browned until caramelized, then cooked in a pot together with the remaining ingredients and boiled for at least 1 hour until the water evaporates and the meat gets tender. The dish is cooled for several minutes and served with cheese.

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Γιουβέτσι μοσχάρι,

Moschari Giouvetsi – Greek Beef and Orzo Casserole,

Lamb Giouvetsi,