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Gofry is a waffle dessert served with different toppings, that have a high popularity in Poland. They are traditionally served at breakfast, or during the day accompanied by a good coffee or tea. The waffles are made in a special waffle-iron and may be cut into different forms - hearts, squares, triangles, rounds. As a topping, whipped cream is used along with jams or fruits, chocolate, nuts, or others. Gofry may be garnished with mint leaves before serving.

The batter for gofry is made by combining milk, egg, butter, flour, sugar, salt, baking powder. There are variations of how the batter may be prepared. Rum or cream may also be added. Polish people do like this dessert very much and never miss a chance to "treat their appetite" with such a delicacy.

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Gofry - waffles :),

Гофры (вафли с шоколадом) с ягодным соусом,