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Goldstar beer (גולדסטאר)

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Tempo Beer Industries (Tempo) is Israel's largest brewer and the country's second largest beverage company. Tempo produces three main pale lager brands: Goldstar - which was acquired in a 1985 merger, Maccabee - also marketed in the United States and Europe, and Nesher Malt, an alcohol free lager.

Goldstar (Hebrew: גולדסטאר‎) is a 4.9% pale lager which has been produced since the 1950s. It is marketed as a "Dark Lager Beer" ("בירה לאגר כהה"), though is pale golden in appearance. In January 2007, Tempo introduced the 4% Goldstar Light with a commercial starring Moshe Datz, from the Israeli duet Duo Datz. The beer is certified kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Netanya, Israel.

The drink represents Israel’s best sold and most-loved beer; its undisguised magic being a secret for everybody. The explanation of this may lay in the recipe of this beer, that is about 50 years old; in its natural components, that give it a special aroma or even in its great association with music which for many people represents a motivation to celebrate. The facts speak for themselves: the brewery produces and sells about 40 million bottles of Goldstar per year.

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