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Gongwan (貢丸米粉)

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Gongwan 01.jpg

Gongwan with vermicelli (貢丸米粉) is one of the popular Taiwanese dishes that have meatballs and rice noodles as the main components. The meatballs can be made, traditionally, from pork meat, but can also be used beef and chicken meat. Shrimp and fish balls are also rather good for this dish but a little bland in taste. Gongwan should not be confused with the other Taiwanese meatball called Ba-Wan, which is usually wrapped in dough file. The ingredients used for meatballs are ground or thoroughly minced meat, minced onion, garlic, fresh grated ginger, egg, salt, black pepper, soy sauce, chili pepper, flour. They are all mixed and given the shape of little balls, consequently either fried, deep-fried, stewed or boiled. Gongwan is served alone or with rice noodles, placed on the top of them and sprinkled with popular Taiwanese sauces offered to the customer’s wish and taste.

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