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Goreng pisang

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Goreng Pisang (fried banana in Malay/Indonesian), also known as “pisang goreng”, is a snack food mostly found throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is consumed as a snack in the morning and afternoon due to its warm nature in serving. In Indonesia, pisang goreng is often sold by street vendors, although some sellers have a storefront from which to sell their wares.

The banana is battered and then deep fried. The fritters that result are often sprinkled with a cinnamon sugar and occasionally served with fresh cream. Today's pisang goreng are more sophisticated and served in various ways, such as with cheese, jam, or chocolate. Some argue that it's done to increase the image of the food as it's traditionally seen as food for middle and low income consumers. Plantain is often used as the batter adds some flavour to the banana. Pisang Raja is a popular kind of banana used for pisang goreng.


Pisang Goreng was introduced from 1511 by the Portuguese who had banana fritters as a breakfast staple. Prior to the coming of the Portuguese, bananas were never cooked but eaten raw. The Portuguese introduced flour for the first time into the Malay diet which enabled fritters to be cooked. In Japan, a similar thing happened and tempura was born.

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