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Graviera (γραβιέρα)

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Graviera cheese

Graviera (γραβιέρα) is a cheese from Greece mainly produced on the Greek island of Crete. It is not to be confused with the Swiss cheese gruyère, which is a related cheese that in some languages has a name similar to Graviera.

Graviera is Greece’s second most popular after feta. Made in wheels, the rind of the hard cheese is marked with the characteristic crisscross pattern of its draining cloth. There are various types of Graviera produced in Greece. Graviera of Crete is made from sheep’s milk and ripened for at least five months. It’s slightly sweet, with a pleasant burnt caramel flavor, whereas the graviera of Naxos is mostly made of cow's milk (80-100%).

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Graviera from Crete,