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Green tea latte

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Green tea latte is commonly served in tea houses of Taipei and is a combination of green tea itself and milk, either steamed, condensed or soy milk. Green tea, such as Dragon Well (Longjing) and Green Spiral (Biluochun), are grown in Taipei County’s Sanhsia area and are the most popular brands amongst the tea lovers. Although, the tea leaves are only picked once a year during mid-March to mid-April when the leaves are at their peak and due to the stringent selection process for high quality leaves, this tea is not widely available. According to fable, it originated from a tea tree watered by the tears of the dragon-betrothed girl Bi Luo as she cried for her dragon-slain (same dragon) beloved and then herself died - supposedly the tree sprouted leaves the next spring.

Green tea latte is easy to make, as green tea is first brewed and poured in a cup, or tea pot with traditionally adding steamed milk, or soy milk for diary intolerable people. Flavor can be enriched by adding honey instead of sugar, vanilla syrup, cinnamon, caramel, etc. In winter times it is served hot, while in summer it is offered with ice. This drink is a perfect tonic for all seasons of the year.

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