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Griesspudding 02.jpg

Grießpudding, literally translated as "Semolina pudding", is a kind of semolina cooked porridge made with the milk, sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon, raisins, fresh or stewed fruit, apple sauce or fruit syrup. There can be obtained a firmer texture by adding more semolina in a pan where the puddings are baked.

Semolina is also offered as an industrial finished and semi-finished product, often used in making creams together with vanilla, fruit, spice mixtures or artificial flavors being added. Some of these products must still be cooked with either milk or even water; in the latter variant milk powder is added to the ingredients of the finished product.

Grießpudding is served cold, being previously stored in the fridge, and garnished with fresh, candied or stewed fruits, creams, chocolate or any other sweet sauces. It is a light and aromatic desert which is good to be consumed after having a copious meal or as usual sweet treat.

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