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Griesmeelpudding (literally means semolina pudding) is an old-fashioned Dutch dish. The pudding is made with semolina, milk, sugar, slices of lemon peel, vanilla essence. The sauce is made from cranberry-raspberry sauce, apple juice, cinnamon stick. The ingredients for the pudding are mixed and brought to boil. The mixture is cooked on a low heat and is poured into forms. The dish is cooled in the refrigerator and it is ready to be served. The ingredients for the sauce are blended well, put in a saucepan and simmered for about twenty minutes. The sauce is poured on the pudding when served.

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Griesmeelpudding met bessensaus (Grits Pudding),

Griesmeelpudding met bessensap,

Griesmeelpudding met bessensap,