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Gua bao

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Gua Bao is a sort of a Taiwanese version of a hamburger. The dish is wrapped in a steamed bun which is chewy, slightly sweet, stuffed with a big piece of braised fatty pork; some chopped, pickled, salty greens are sprinkled on, then cilantro and sweet, ground up peanuts are also added to that. The meat is stewed first in a mixture with soya sauce, shallots onion, wine and spice powder; then it is mixed with braised pickles, and nuts. Peanuts and cilantro are a perfect combination with the richness of the pork meat, the salty taste of the pickled vegetables, and the spongy base of the steamed bun. It has a sweet, savory and crispy taste and structure and it is usually served with a topping of Taiwanese chili sauce.

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