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Gurkensalat mit Dill

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Gurkensalat mit Dill, translated as “Cucumber Salad with Dill”, is a common side dish in German cuisine, especially popular in Berlin and its surrounding areas. The list of ingredients for this salad is rather short, it contains: cucumbers, dill, olive oil, vinegar, onion and ground pepper. Preparation is easy and not very time consuming either, the onions are sliced into fine rings, the cucumbers are peeled, thinly cut and then combined with the onions. A dressing made of olive oil, vinegar, chopped dill, salt and a bit of sugar is abundantly poured over the vegetables into which they are marinated for some time before being served. This is a light, tasty and perfect complement food that goes well especially with meat courses.

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Cucumber-Dill Salad,

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