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Gutap is the name for the Kazakh deep-fried herb fritters.

There are three important steps in preparing this dish, and namely: making the dough, the filling and the sauce. The main ingredients for the dough include all purpose flour, salt, softened butter and warm water. The filling consists of dill, parsley, garlic, scallions, black pepper, butter and salt; while the sauce calls for the use of apple vinegar, sour cream, butter, flour, onion, salt, black pepper, lemon or freshly squeezed lime juice. When the fritters are ready, they are sprinkled with the sauce and served warm.

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Russian Fried Herb Fritters Recipe - (Gutap Kazakh Deep),

Гутап Пирожки с луком, рецепт приготовления,

Гутап (пирожки с луком),