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Hürlimann Stern-Bräu

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Hürlimann Stern-Bräu is a popular beer in Zurich with local roots. Founded in 1836 by Hans Heinrich Hürlimann. The old and well kept formula is still used in the process of making this drink, which is largely enjoyed by both men and women. Although, the Swiss prefer to drink wine over beer, the brands of this beverage are becoming more popular every year all over the country and even beyond its borders. Hürlimann Stern Bräu has a fine taste with flavor of hops, a bit acid at first and with a bitter note by the end; it is also quite bubbly and serves as an ideal compliment for a good meal on a hot summer day. When visiting Switzerland, a real beer lover should not miss the chance to taste this "old" beverage with such sacredly kept traditions of brewing.

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