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Hamsili Pilav

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Hamsili Pilav is one of the most delicious dishes Istanbul is famous for. The Black Sea is blessed with fish especially anchovies, therefore, it is commonly used in local cuisine. Hamsili Pilav is a kind of Turkish pilaf prepared with anchovy, and is special for its beautiful look and rich taste. The ingredients used for this Istanbul specialty are: fresh whole anchovy, white rice, finely chopped onion, currants, pine nuts, oil and chopped fresh dill. The pine nuts and onion are sauteed in a pan with vegetable oil, then rice is added and cooked for several minutes. Afterwards currants, chopped dill, salt and pepper are added and cooked until rice is still underdone. Anchovies are cleaned of guts and bones, then placed on the bottom and flat sides of a large casserole. Rice is put over the fish, topped with another layer of anchovies, and poured over with water. The pilaf is cooked until rice absorbs all the water. Hamsili Pilav is a real culinary masterpiece and a must taste for every visitor to Istanbul.

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