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Heisse Schokolade

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Drink that we all know as hot chocolate was traditionally drunk as a cold composition of cocoa and water along with spices like cayenne pepper, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon for a better taste and aroma. Later the spices were substituted by cane sugar and people began to serve it hot with milk instead of water. Coming from Great Britain, the drink rapidly gained a great popularity in Austria and became the preferred beverage of the imperial family of Habsburgs. Garnished with homemade whipped cream, called also schlag sahne, it is still commonly offered in many Viennese coffee houses as a great accompaniment to delicious Viennese desserts, like Vanillekipferl, Apfelstrudel, and remarkable Sachertorte.

Heisse Schokolade is an exotic drink in Austria that is made by mixing together milk and melted chocolate. The chocolate used is of two types - both bittersweet and unsweetened. Sometimes vanilla is added for better flavor. The chocolate is traditionally served warm, but you can try it cooled, too. Just before serving it is topped with whipped cream and is served with a glass of water.

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